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{Brittany} Wedding Day Photography

By Brittany

Last week I talked about our Engagement photos, which are being edited as we speak…I can’t wait to see all of them! Way back before we were even engaged, I liked to look at wedding photographers’ portfolios and see the beautiful images they were able to capture of a couple’s wedding day. I knew from day one of wedding planning that choosing an excellent photographer for our big day was going to be a priority! Once we were engaged, I immediately started looking for the right photographer for “us” that would best be able to capture our wedding day with our personalities shining through. Since I had already narrowed down my list of potential photographers, it was easy for us to decide on the final selection: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography.

When we met with our newly chosen photographer for the first time, we knew we had made a wonderful decision! We met for coffee at Starbucks one evening, and we ended up talking for 2 hours about anything and everything, like friends. I loved that Amanda is as excited for our wedding day as we are, and she has a great personality and sense of humor, which totally puts you at ease, especially when you’re taking pictures! We had our first photography session with her last week for our Engagement photos, and we had a great time, so we’re looking forward to working with her again on our wedding day! Check out her work here.

One thing I love about wedding planning is Pinterest! I’ve found plenty of wedding photo ideas and inspiration on the site, so I thought I’d share a few of my “must-have” wedding day photos:

If you’re planning your wedding, what are your “must-have” photos? If you’re already married, what is your favorite moment that was captured on camera?

Photo Credits (clockwise from top left): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Brittany {Groomsmen Apparel}

By Brittany

When I first started thinking about wedding plans, I thought that tan-colored tuxes/suits would look perfect with a lace wedding dress. Of course, when I originally thought about these colors, we hadn’t picked our date, ceremony location, or reception venue. Once we decided on a date in October, I started to rethink my color choice! Also, as it turns out, our ceremony venue is a pretty fancy church and our reception venue is too…so I ended up leaning toward black tuxes.

My original inspiration…before picking the ceremony date & location!

My fiance and I decided to check out Men’s Wearhouse a few weeks ago to look at groomsmen apparel, but we were a little disappointed with the selection that they had available, so we walked out without making any decisions that day. We ended up going back to Maya Couture…yes, the same place that I got both my wedding dress AND my bridesmaid dresses! They were excellent, yet again, and we picked out our groomsmen apparel in no time.

First of all, we settled on a classic black Calvin Klein tuxedo for all of the guys, which I think will be perfect with my wedding dress and pretty bridesmaid dresses. After looking at all of the sample vests and ties, we ended up picking a navy blue vest & tie for all the groomsmen, but an ivory vest & tie for the groom. We looked at several photos of weddings with the same color choices, and I think it’s going to look great! It’s a subtle difference to distinguish my fiance from his groomsmen.

The style we chose!

While we were there, we also decided that our fathers would wear the same Calvin Klein tuxedos, but they would wear black vests & ties. I think that it will all come together really nicely, and I’m so happy that picking out tuxes was pretty much effortless! Sometimes I can hardly believe that we’ve already picked the attire for everyone in the bridal party – that’s one more thing to cross off our list, and one less thing to stress about! Now…we just have to make sure we can convince all of the guys go to Maya Couture to get their tux measurements soon! ;)

*Image credits –

{Brittany} Bridesmaid Dresses

By Brittany

As I mentioned in my previous post about my wedding dress, I went ahead and made an appointment for my bridesmaids to try on dresses the very next day after I purchased my dress! Actually, this was because I had invited my bridesmaids to go dress shopping with me one of the two days that weekend, and they all made plans to meet up with me on Sunday. So when I purchased my dress on Saturday…well, I didn’t want to mess up plans, since they had already planned to drive down for the day! That’s when I decided to make an appointment with Maya for my bridesmaids to try on dresses. With the quality of service I had received, I knew that my bridesmaids would get the best attention as well. I have to add that Miss Patsy, my consultant, sent me a sweet note a few days later, letting me know that it was her pleasure to work with me and she looks forward to working with me at future visits for my dress fittings and bridesmaid dresses. For some reason, I don’t think all bridal salons take the time or effort to connect to the brides on such a personal level. I feel so grateful that I’ve been able to work with Patsy and Maya!

My bridesmaid dresses! It looks great on all of my bridesmaids :)

On Sunday, all my girls and I met up and headed to our appointment at Maya Couture. Patsy was our consultant again, which was so nice, since she knew what my wedding inspiration/background was and was able to help us find the perfect dresses to try on. I knew that I wanted long dresses, because our ceremony is taking place in a rather fancy church in late afternoon. Since my colors are navy and green, I wanted the dresses to be navy. There’s no way I could put my girls in a hideous green dress (not that all green dresses are hideous…but I just wanted to go for more  of a fancy/classic look). One of my lovely bridesmaids requested that I try on my wedding dress again for all the girls to see, and to see how the bridesmaids dresses looked next to my dress. I got to get all dressed up again with my veil, two days in a row…I can’t complain. :) We had a great time trying on dresses, drinking wine that Maya so generously offers to her clients, and talking about wedding plans. We even found the perfect dresses (made by Belsoie by Jasmine Bridal)! All of my bridesmaids, including my MOH, will be wearing the same dress. It’s a one-shoulder Navy chiffon, flowy evening gown. Its gorgeous, and it will look good on all of my girls! I think we all really loved this one, so I’m really excited :)
I can’t believe we accomplished all of this in ONE weekend…the very first weekend we went shopping. But I can’t complain, and it just leaves more time to work on other wedding plans!

{Brittany} THE Dress!

By Brittany

A few weeks ago at a local bridal expo, I made a few appointments to try on dresses at local bridal salons. I was honestly pretty anxious about dress shopping…I had an idea in my mind about what styles I liked, but I was so afraid that I would hate them when I tried them on and wouldn’t know where to begin finding the “perfect” dress. There goes my anxiety, I guess. :)

About two Saturdays ago, I had my first appointment…but I had no expectations of making a decision that day. I just wanted to see how things went – after all, it was my first time ever trying on wedding dresses…well, except for that time I modeled in a bridal show…in high school! That Saturday, my mom accompanied me to Maya Couture, where I immediately felt so comfortable and welcomed by all of the bridal consultants and Maya herself! Did I mention that Maya once worked for Vera Wang, and her experience inspired her to come back home and have her own bridal salon? She clearly learned from the best!

Loved this style…but I ended up choosing something completely different!

I showed my consultant photos of dresses I liked so that she’d know what I was looking for…and she did a fabulous job of finding the perfect dresses for me to try on! Some of her picks were the actual dresses that were in the pictures I showed her, and the rest were so similar. I also picked out a few that caught my eye on the rack…including a dress that weighed about fifty pounds (in case you’re wondering, that one was a huge NO…a girl’s gotta be able to dance at her own wedding!). The very first dress I tried on – I loved. However, I thought “Oh, its just because it’s the first wedding dress I’ve tried on.” So, I moved on to the others…I will say that about 80% of the dresses I tried on were lace. I tried one or two that were not, and they just weren’t ME, if you know what I mean. I had my heart set on lace, so lace it was. After trying on (and LIKING) every dress that I had in my fitting room, it was time to narrow down my choices. There were a few that I immediately did away with (including the 50 pound dress – thank goodness), and I had decreased it to about 3 dresses, so I tried all 3 on again. Surprisingly (or not), I found myself falling for the very first dress that I tried on. There was just something about that one…the way it fit so perfectly and highlighted my waist, the style, the gorgeous lace, the color (Ivory…I did NOT want a white dress!), and how I just felt so naturally comfortable in it. Also, the cathedral-length lace veil that I tried on with it made me even more certain that this was THE ONE. My consultant, Patsy, asked me if this meant I was going to “Say Yes To The Dress”…and I said absolutely! There was no doubt in my mind that this was the one…and I think that’s how it should be! I am usually the most indecisive person, ever, so for me to make a decision that quickly, I knew that it was right. Never did I expect to order my wedding dress on the first day I went to try on dresses…but I’m so glad that I went to Maya Couture and I’m SO pleased with the service that they provided! My dress is by Casablanca…but I obviously can’t post pictures of it because someone reads my blog. ;)

A style that I liked…but didn’t choose!

I had such a great experience at Maya Couture that I booked an appointment for my bridesmaids for the very next day…but I’ll save that for my next post!

{ECB Blogger} Introducing Bride-to-be, Brittany

By Keri

We are excited to introduce our second bride-to-be, Brittany! You may recognize Brittany from her proposal story, and now she will be blogging on ECB once each week, every Sunday.

Name: Brittany

Bride’s hometown: Suffolk, Virginia

Groom’s hometown: Suffolk, Virginia

Ceremony location: Norfolk, Virginia – we have two potential church locations at the moment!

Reception location: The Harrison Opera House, Norfolk, VA

Wedding theme/style: Classic meets Modern – I love traditional wedding décor with a bold punch of color mixed in!

Budget: $10,000-12,000 – I think keeping the wedding within our budget is the biggest challenge we have!

Age: 22

Occupation: Assistant Director of Marketing for a gluten-free, vegan cookie company

Wedding Date: October 13, 2012

Planner: Myself & my fiancé

Vendors book to date: Reception venue, photographer, and DJ – our next big thing is booking the ceremony venue

About the bride: I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors degree and I am currently the Assistant Director of Marketing for a gluten-free, vegan cookie company – it’s a fun job! In my free time, I love to run (I’ve done 4 half marathons…next up, a marathon), bake, shop (I’m a shopaholic and love fashion!) and blog…and spend time with my fiancé, Michael, of course :)

About the couple: We’ve been friends since high school, but didn’t date until after our freshman year of college. We hit it off at Michael’s brothers wedding, and we’ve been together ever since! We currently both work in Norfolk, and plan to move there in the coming months. We love the chic, urban feel of the city, but will definitely miss our somewhat rural hometown! We plan to move to a nice, suburban section of the city, where we can walk to the grocery store and to Starbucks, and have plenty of restaurant choices when we plan a dinner date! We’ve been together for 3.5 years – since July 2008.